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After its release in January 2013, the original Der Schokoladentester took the chocolate world by storm, selling its entire first edition in less than two months.

The new book, “Chocolate - The Reference Standard,” will be the most comprehensive guide ever to the world of chocolate.

Expanding on the wildly popular original, the new 2015 edition of the book will feature:

·      Georg's personal reviews of over 4000 chocolates from 550 brands that come from 70 countries;

·      Detailed information about the world’s different cacao varieties and their unique flavor profiles;

·      Insider information about chocolate brands, manufacturers, and techniques;

·      A narrative history of chocolate from the Olmecs to the present;

·      Detailed information about the chocolate producing countries of the world and the different techniques used to process cacao at its source;

·      Guest chapters from experts on chocolate and wine pairing and chocolate and whiskey pairing;

·      A look inside the important work of the Heirloom Cacao Preservation project.

About the Author:  Georg Bernardini, one of the world’s foremost chocolate experts, has devoted his life to producing, studying, and reviewing the best chocolate in the world.  After pioneering the bean to bar chocolate movement with his former company, Coppenauer, Georg has devoted the past five years to tasting the world’s chocolate and sharing his knowledge with chocolate lovers.


Chocolate - The Reference Standard
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The Chocolate Tester 2015 - By Georg Bernardini

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