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In April 2015, Team MUCHOMAS embarked on a European chocolate adventure.   Although there were many highlights, the icing on our European chocolate cake was the afternoon we spent in Bonn with Georg Bernardini.   It was not only informative, but also resulted in an incredible opportunity to help Georg share his work with the United States. 

For those of you unfamiliar with his work, Georg is a true pioneer of the bean to bar chocolate movement and one of the most respected chocolate makers in the world – he is also a very cool dude!  After starting a successful chocolate company in the 90's, Georg next made his mark on the chocolate world by writing an encyclopedic guide to the world of chocolate tasting.

In fact, Georg first contacted us last year while he was working on the second edition of his book – he wanted to taste our chocolate (along with hundreds of others!).  We were happy to comply and immediately dispatched some MUCHOMAS across the pond to Germany. But we weren’t satisfied with our brief interaction with such a chocolate luminary and decided to make a point of working a visit with Georg into our European travel plans. 

Georg was happy to accommodate our desire to meet and we spent a lovely afternoon on the banks of the Rhine with him and his dog Shelby (named after legendary car designer Carroll Shelby).  Over the course of a wide-ranging lunch conversation, we were blown away by Georg’s knowledge and his willingness to share.  After he showed us a copy of the first version of his book “Der Schokoladentester” (available only in German), we knew we wanted to help him spread the chocolate gospel in America. 

So, we are very happy to say that the new edition of the book will be:

Available for the first time in English!

New 2015 Edition is Here, Order Yours Today!

After taking the German chocolate world by storm, the original edition of the "Der Schokoladentester" sold out in weeks.  Now, you no longer have to learn German and spend hundreds of dollars on for a used copy!

The 2015 Edition, Chocolate - The Reference Standard, is the only book any chocolate lover will ever need to fully understand the world of chocolate.

The New Edition Features:

  • Over 900 pages with hundreds of beautiful color photos;
  • Georg's personal reviews of over 4000 chocolates made by 550 brands from over 70 countries;
  • Behind the scenes looks into the manufacture of all types of chocolate;
  • Detailed information about cacao producing countries and the different techniques used to cultivate and harvest cacao beans;
  • Chapters dedicated to pairing wine and chocolate and whiskey and chocolate;
  • Information about life on a cacao farm and what it's like to work there;
  • In-depth discussions of cacao certification including Free Trade and Organic cacao.
  • And much much more. . .

About the Author:  Georg Bernardini, one of the world’s foremost chocolate experts, has devoted his life to producing, studying, and reviewing the best chocolate in the world.  After pioneering the bean to bar chocolate movement with his former company, Coppenauer, Georg has devoted the past five years to tasting the world’s chocolate and sharing his knowledge with chocolate lovers.

Bernardini’s encyclopedic guidebook is arguably the most comprehensive resource of its kind in book format. . .
— The C-Spot, Review of Der Schokoladentester
Finally! I’m so glad there will be an English language version, I was considering learning German just to read the first edition.
— Kym Silvasy-Neale, Founder, The Chocolate Clinic

Order your copy today!